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Insurance for Your Hybrid/Electric Vehicle

Californians lead the way in going green including when it comes to their cars, owing more than 50% of the hybrids and electrical vehicles (EVs) sold in the U.S. since 2010. These cars are great for the environment; provide fuel efficiency; offer a quiet, smooth ride; parking preferences; and may be eligible for incentives and rebates. They also come at a higher purchase price than regular cars, which means they are more expensive to insure. This shouldn’t stop you, however, from buying the vehicle of your choice. Arroyo understands that finding the right insurance policy at the right price for your hybrid/electric car can be just as overwhelming as choosing an eco-friendly vehicle. Our team at Arroyo works with a variety of insurance companies to find the coverage you need at competitive pricing. With Arroyo reducing your carbon footprint has never been easier!

Here’s What You Need to Know About Hybrid/EV Insurance

  • Special Auto insurance is not required for your hybrid/EV
  • The same discounts available for regular vehicles are also available for hybrids/EVs, such as a safe driver discount, a good credit discount, multiple policies discount, discount for anti-theft features and extra safety features, among others
  • You may be eligible, depending on the insurance company, for a “green vehicle discount”
  • Premiums are typically higher because of the higher value of the car and the special parts required to fix a vehicle in the event of an accident, particularly if it’s electric

Arroyo Does the Shopping for You for Budget-Friendly Insurance

As an independent agency, we will shop and compare pricing for your green vehicle to get you the best rates possible. We will also work with you to determine the amount of coverage you need for Bodily Injury Liability & Property Damage Liability, Medical Payments, Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists, Comprehensive (Other than Collision), Collision and Towing insurance. We want to ensure that the policy you purchase fits your risk profile.

Arroyo’s Partnership with Plug In America

To accommodate the growing clean vehicle market throughout Southern California with increasingly more individuals and family opting for hybrid and electrical vehicles, Arroyo has partnered with Plug In America. A non-profit, supporter-driven advocacy group, Plug In America helps consumers, policymakers, auto manufacturers and others to understand the powerful benefits of driving electric. They provide practical, objective information to help consumers select the best plug-in vehicle for their lifestyles and needs. And, we provide the right insurance coverage to protect you while you’re behind the wheel.